Quartz Reservoir: Geological Modelling for Reservoir Simulation

Projects Completed in 2019:

* Shuiaba Carbonates

* Tight Gas Sandstone

Cost Effective Expert Evaluations,

Geological Modelling, Incorporation of Dynamic Data

Keith Milne, Ph.D. 30 years experience


Piper Formation CNS

Nigeria (onshore delta)




Western Ireland

Shuaiba Middle East

Carbonates France

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Areas of Expertise:


Zakum Field UAE
Brent Province NNS
Triassic NNS
Tertiary NNS
Forties CNS
Carboniferous SNS
Åsgard Area, Norway

Salt domes, CNS

Working with operators and sub-surface consultancies to deliver successful projects.

Experienced in  how to use Petrel and RMS efficiently. Network of associates.